Radia Client Automation

Organizations are increasingly relying on interconnected endpoints for their day to day functions and to grow their overall business. Employees rely on their devices for productivity and customers use touchpoints to interact and do business with companies every day. Is your IT department ready to manage all the new class of computing devices in a unified way or will they require individual tools to manage them?

Radia Client Automation is an industry leading client management solution that provides a unified approach to manage all of your endpoints.

  • It is policy driven making it easy for your IT team to consistently manage and secure the growing number of devices in your organization
  • With a single tool to manage all devices, IT can benefit from reduced software license fees, reduced infrastructure requirements and reduced staff
  • Radia enables a small team of resources to effectively manage 10 times more endpoints per administrator compared to some competitive offerings 
Radia Client Automation

What’s New in Radia Client Automation 9.1

Persistent Systems advances Endpoint Management with the launch of Radia Client Automation v9.1. 

Major enhancements include:

  • Integrated Mobile Device Management
  • Support for Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Expanded Platform Support

Integrated Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Radia Client Automation v9.1 brings an integrated traditional (laptop/desktop) endpoint management and mobile device management solution to the market. Enterprises no longer need to maintain two different sets of tools, two management teams and two different sets of policies for their endpoint infrastructure.

  • Integrated MDM enables enterprises to easily apply a single set of policies for device configuration and application deployment across their endpoint infrastructure.
  • Enterprises can manage the complete lifecycle of all their Android, iOS, Linux, Windows 8.1, and Windows Phone 8 devices from a single tool.
  • Radia Client Automation v9.1 brings a new level of consistency for users with greater effectiveness and cost efficiency to IT management.

Radia Software as a Service (SaaS)

Bringing in an endpoint management solution has traditionally required an in-house implementation along with significant capital outlay for software and necessary hardware infrastructure. With an increasingly mobile and remote workforce along with cost pressures, there is a growing need for cloud based endpoint management solutions.

Benefits of a SaaS based approach include:

  • Lower administrative and hardware costs with annual savings of up to 50%,
  • Painless upgrades,
  • Expenses that are aligned to size of infrastructure, and
  • Better management of devices for work-at-home and mobile users.

Radia SaaS enables enterprises to benefit from the breadth and depth of Radia Client Automation capabilities while leaving the tasks of managing the server infrastructure to the experts at Persistent Systems.

The enterprise IT at customer defines the policies and manages the endpoint infrastructure and maintains complete control of the business critical endpoint infrastructure.

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