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With the increasing integration of technology in education, it is expected that tablet computing and mobile devices will have an unprecedented impact in the teaching and learning space. The movement towards delivering interactive learning on hand held tablets, such as an iPad, is increasingly touted as a valuable tool in the education industry.

IL&FS Education Technology Services Ltd (IETS) has leveraged Persistent’s experience in end-to-end mobile application development to develop a series of mobile science learning apps for the global iPad user community built on IL&FS Education’s Exploriments platform. Exploriments apps were developed and continually enhanced at Persistent’s iPhone and iPad Center of Excellence (CoE).

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Exploriments support interactive and dynamic pedagogy methods, which allow students to experience the power of learning and participating in real life science experiments through mobile devices and tablets. The interactive learning experience creates a teaching/learning environment that goes beyond the confines of a traditional classroom and enhances conceptual understanding of Math and Science. These apps focus on engagement, creativity and inquiry-based learning while providing a highly interactive and exploratory experience, engaging both students and teachers.

Exploriments iPad apps use simulations, interactivity, and a simplified touch-n-move feature to create a fun and interactive virtual environment where students can easily learn the concepts of science anywhere, anytime. Weight, Mass and Force of Gravity is an interactive Exploriment App that allows the user to explore how gravity affects weight and mass on different planets. Users can also explore the effects of altitudes above and below the earth’s surface then change the force of gravity to see how this impacts weight and mass.
The app provides opportunities to try out various scenarios, including scenarios of micro-gravity and near-weightlessness, and compare the results across planets and varying altitudes. With the help of these science apps, this hands-on approach to experiments can help students learn and understand concepts such as motion, fluids, electricity, force and many more.

These apps are now available on the Apple App store.

Exploriments can be leveraged by students and teachers alike. Apart from making the class interactive, Exploriments is packed with following features which aids teachers in improving the pedagogy methods:

  • Is supported by effective teaching plans and allied learning material
  • Supports a library of ready assessments to test student’s knowledge
  • Empowers teachers to create and administer assessments to students online for quick and easy feedback
  • Features a teacher help-desk to enable mentoring and support on various science teaching pedagogies from experts
  • Ensures regular updates to the Exploriments repository


Exploriments enablers for iPad & iPhone users

Exploriments Enablers for iPad, iPhone Users