Researchers require analytical solutions to map experimental data in the context of biological systems in order to achieve effective interpretation of high-throughput data, gain insights into multidimensional data and correlate experimental data with annotation, clinical and administrative data.

Furthermore, these analytical solutions should also allow integration of biological data coming from a variety of sources, such as publicly curated biological content and proprietary content for efficient searching, querying, reporting and enabling translational research while simultaneously ensuring data consistency, security and compliance.

Persistent’s bioinformatics services can help researchers overcome these challenges and offer solutions which can provide actionable insights. We offer various analytical solutions for genomic, proteomic and metabolomic data. 

Bioinformatics services - Tabs

  • Sanger and Next Generation Sequencing, Genotyping, Mutation Profiling
    • Data warehousing for high-throughput sequencing data
    • Development of new algorithms for secondary and tertiary sequence data analysis
    • Performance improvement of prototype algorithms and tools
    • Development of new tools for sequence data visualization and experiment specific pipeline
    • Enhancement and support for existing software and tools
    • Customization of widely used open source sequence analysis tools to support Next Gen Sequencing (NGS) plate form specific analysis
    • Algorithm and functional testing
  • Gene Expression Analysis
    • Gene Expression Analysis Platform with comprehensive statistical analysis and visualization tools
    • Algorithms for correlating annotation data with expression data
    • Visualization: Bar graph, scatter plot and heat-map (all web-based)
  • Metabolomics
    • Looking for signatures in spectroscopic data
    • Detection of anomalies such as spikes artifacts etc.
  • Data mart design based on
    • Life sciences semantics
    • Reporting requirements for scientific exploration
    • Reusable parsing framework and components for Biological data formats such as Entrez Gene, Gene Ontology, Homologene, UniGene, dbSNP
    • Domain specific transformation strategies
    • Mapping of multimodality data
    • Annotations: experimental, clinical, chemical, biological
  • Strong team of domain experts which include molecular biologists, and bioinformatics specialists with PhDs in bioinformatics, computer science, statistics, and biology
  • Hands-on knowledge of tools including Genespring, Rosetta Resolver, Spotfire, tools for Sanger as well as NGS data analysis
  • Computational experts having extensive experience with R, Bioconductor, Matlab, SAS, SPSS, Clementine, Intelligent Miner, Octave, Weka, Scilab, Orange
  • Deep understanding of various life sciences and experiment data sources such as Entrez Gene, Unigene, Gene Ontology, Homologene, dbSNP, GEO, ArrayExpress, BIND
  • Developed a cloud-based genome variant analysis solution for a global life sciences and biotechnology tool company
  • Developed SanGeniX,  a comprehensive NGS data analysis suite which offers a scalable and user friendly solution with predefined or custom workflows for seamless analysis of NSG data.