U.P. State Legislature Proceedings

now on a Digital Platform

Multi-Lingual, Interactive Access to Historical Documents and All Unstructured Data to Radically Improve Legislative Process

Uttar Pradesh Vidhaan Sabha, India’s largest state assembly, is the first state legislature in the country to embrace the Persistent Systems solution and to embark on such a comprehensive digitization of the proceedings of the State Legislature.


Legislative information, often dating back to when legislative bodies were first created, is comprised of books of proceedings, newspaper cuttings, orders, letters, as well as audio and video recordings. The Multilingual Intelligent Search and Analytics solution is an integrated solution to scan, annotate and indexed books of proceedings – stored in a secure and tamperproof digital vault, and available on the portal accessible from any device. The solution allows searches in English, Hindi and other official Indian languages, through a specialized search capability custom built for Indian languages.

The Legislature of the State of Uttar Pradesh is the first State Legislature to undertake this stupendous task. Persistent Systems Ltd. has completed the task successfully and they deserve appreciation for that. The features of this software like its search engine and other aspects are the latest technology in the field.

– Pradeep Dubey,
Principal Secretary, Legislative Secretariat
Uttar Pradesh

Like every business is becoming software-driven, the opportunity is in front of every state to become software-driven in its functioning. It is a privilege and an honor for all of us at Persistent Systems to be able to impact and improve lives with such a solution. There is an urgent need in India today to make Governments more accessible, transparent, and efficient – both within its own departments and to the general public.

– Dr. Anand Deshpande
Chairman and Managing Director,
Persistent Systems


Uttar Pradesh Inaugurates Digital Platform for State Legislature Proceedings, Based on Solution from Persistent Systems


  • Powerful Search Capability that synchronizes multiple file types in single search, tags each document with related words, and uses alternate spellings, synonyms, multi-lingual lookup for effective search.
  • Multilingual Search Support that enables to get the search result in various languages irrespective of language used for query
  • Supports all devices and operating systems offering a responsive UI for mobile phones and tablets
  • Meets the Unicode Standard to support worldwide interchange, processing and display of written text of diverse languages
  • Built in Analytics that offer insights from previous proceedings data
  • Paper to Digital Document Conversion by digital scanning of documents, text analytics and using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology in Indian Languages

  • Reduced information retrieval time from few weeks to a few seconds
  • Increased research team capabilities for handling more requests
  • Improved search accuracy with best in class search technology
  • 24×7 access to Elected Members, Research Staff and Indian Citizens
  • Analytics for in-depth insights into proceedings


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