Navigating Technology Shifts

Annual Report 2017-18

Technology shifts are leading to disruption in the industry and every business is under pressure to transform. Our industry is no different!

Increased connectivity and bandwidth has shortened distances and changed the way we communicate — with each other, with computing devices, and with things. Cloud computing technology has evolved and has made computing on demand possible. Moreover, cloud computing has evolved as a platform that provides programmers a higher level of abstraction, making it much more efficient to build systems.

We generate a large amount of data every minute. As our appetite for data grows, big data technologies have evolved to make it possible for us to make sense of large volumes of data. Machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques are leveraging available data and infrastructure to solve problems that were beyond our reach.

The need for change is universal. Over the last few years, we have invested in building tools, establishing partnerships, and getting our teams skilled in next generation technologies and techniques.

In this year’s annual report, we highlight how our teams are in the cockpit and in the control tower to help our customers navigate their business in this environment.

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