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Today I (re)join Persistent Systems and lot of my colleagues in the last one week congratulated me and said “Welcome back home”. The title of this post is inspired from that warm welcome and the new role I am taking up at Persistent.

The world is moving fast and the pace at which technology is disrupting our lives, it’s like never before. People are talking about how Uber has taken over the automotive/logistics industry, how Blockchain would change the way business is done using digital currency and how Chatbots (and robots!) would take over the world. From my perspective, we don’t have to think that far ahead. Let’s do what we can to keep our customers happy by delivering enterprise digital transformation solutions. Read on..

Persistent has learned a lot in the past 26 years building software products for startups, medium and large Independent Software Vendors. We know exactly how to take a concept from an entrepreneur or a product owner in a large ISV organization and build out a product in a matter of weeks. By building the product, I mean the entire software development life cycle starting from the most important phase i.e. user experience followed by design and architecture, development and testing to deploying it in an enterprise customer environment. All this in an agile manner and leveraging Persistent’s software delivery methodology.

In the past 4 years Persistent has been on the forefront delivering solutions to enterprise customers in high tech, financial services, healthcare, logistics and other verticals. This has primarily been in partnership with market leaders such as Apigee, Appian, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, (platforms). This has brought in lot of relevant platform experience. To add to that Persistent has been putting together digital platform accelerators and has made acquisitions such as Genwi whose underlying platform helps build mobile experiences rapidly.

You combine the above experience together and we have started delivering digital transformation solutions to enterprise customers using market leading platforms, Persistent Accelerators, methodology and services. And this is what excites me in my new job at Persistent – helping enterprises transform the way they digitally transact with their internal and external customers, engage with their employees proactively and treat their suppliers and vendors as an extension of their team. Whether it’s a patient or a financial institution customer, keeping the customer at the center and building digital solutions around them is the way to go. As an example, you might be interested in learning Salesforce and Persistent’s Physician and Patient Relationship Management Solution and how we live and breathe patient centricity in the HC space:

You will hear more from me soon and how Persistent is helping some of it’s enterprise customers build software driven businesses using the following three technology pillars:

Software driven experiences: Building user centric revenue generating applications using an agile and continuous delivery model. Just like sales velocity that is used to measure the pipeline health of a sales organization, we want to track our success of delivering experiences by measuring experience delivery velocity i.e. “speed to digital”. Check out this cool Alexa experience powered by Appian on the backend to run your project management meetings:

API: Building a robust API strategy – whether it’s to open up APIs to developers and create a new revenue model or securely connect underlying data with user applications. For those interested, I had recently shared an article on the rise of APIs:

Data: Connecting system of records including “internet of things” and providing anytime, anywhere, any device access to applications. More importantly in an “intelligent” fashion e.g. providing recommendations to customers on the next product to be purchased or helping them extract more value from an existing product purchase (are you an Alexa owner and getting “What’s new with Alexa” emails?)

Eventually, digital transformation is all about helping enterprises increase revenue, have better margins and create a world class brand. Again, with customer centricity in mind.

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