CIO Versatile 100 & Digital Transformation Czar 2015 by IDG

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Awarded at the CIO 100 Symposium and Awards Ceremony on Sept 5th and 6th at JW Marriott, Pune.

Persistent has won two awards at IDG’s CIO100 Symposium this year. And this is the third year in a row to take the coveted trophy home!

Last week I had a great honor to accept two trophies on my team’s behalf at CIO100! Often described as the ‘Oscars of the Indian IT Industry’, the CIO100 Symposium & Awards Ceremony is an important event in the industry. This year, the focus for the Top 100 was Versatility where CIOs were judged on their ingenuity and extraordinary ideas. Persistent Systems had submitted Espresso, which symbolizes these characteristics and much more.

The CIO100 Awards are made even more coveted by the institution of the Special Awards where CIOs file nominations for a particular domain in which they have made significant contribution. The CIO100 Special Awards are highly sought-after and their winners represent an elite club comprising the brightest minds in the Indian IT community. Persistent Systems submission for the Special Award in the category of Digital Transformation Czar was Bling.

Versatile 100 – As mentioned, nomination for this award was Espresso. Espresso was not just yet another IT modernization projects to deploy a global VPN solution in the enterprise. Espresso’s innovative way of traffic engineering facilitated to accelerate application response time, minimize latency, and reduce the number of data round trips necessary to complete a web request.

With single IT initiative spanning multiple layers of the architecture stack, requirements like Secured Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection, Application load balancing between multiple servers, SSL offloading, Performance enhancement by compression and deduplication capabilities are addressed to achieve maximum benefit for investment. Espresso provides location and device flexibility to the users by redirecting traffic to the nearest gateway while providing consistent experience across variety of end points with operating systems like android, iOS, Linux and MS Windows

With the launch of Espresso, Persistent IT has removed the roadblocks and has helped worldwide users to have easy and secure intranet access.

Digital Transformation Czar – Bling was selected under this Special Category Awards.

What’s Bling? Enterprises need fast, secure and reliable task based interactions. The current messaging solutions are incomplete, asynchronous and tedious. It is difficult to plug in multiple systems in the existing apps and get real time responses. Bling solves this real world ‘problem of plenty’ by providing a unified platform accessible by mobiles, computers and processes alike. Bling is an agile communication platform that enables faster and secure communication within the organization. Users can exchange and solicit different types of messages such as MCQs, links, call backs and even plain text messages. Conversations are transmitted over secure Apigee enabled APIs ensuring that other systems and apps can effortlessly integrate with this app. Bling also enhances conferencing and social collaboration experience.

 Here are the key benefits of Bling:

  • Faster feedback through quick polls enables quicker decision making.
  • Ease of integration with mobile apps, legacy applications and ERPs.
  • Low cost crowd-sourcing application.
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