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Technology is malleable, and it shapes up into whatever you want it to; this skill is in the Innovators DNA.

At Persistent, innovation is passion, inspiration, ambition; moreover it is the driving force staying ahead in new technologies. While always thinking ahead and looking to develop forward-thinking solutions for the latest technologies, Persistent is more often than not one of the early adopters for emerging technologies. With 1% of Persistent staff dedicated to R&D, it is apparent that we have been committed to pursuing innovation for the long run.

Recently, Dr. Sridhar Jagannathan, was appointed as the Persistent’s first Chief Innovation Officer. An enthusiast for Persistent’s commitment to innovation, he will be responsible for leading products, solutions, and services advancements. For Dr. Jagannathan, innovation is a striking combination of idea, courage, and excitement, moreover, he believes efficiency, quality, ambition, and potential drive the innovative thought process.

Dr. Jagannathan has kick started the Persistent Innovation Initiative with an internal event to encourage innovation among employees and open up new avenues for innovators across teams. Through this initiative, we hope to take on more innovation challenges and satiate our vision and be the fore thinkers of change in emerging technologies.

Dr. Jagannathan’s perspective of innovators and innovation can be easily grasped from the following pointers:

  • Innovators, when making a conscious effort to innovate, should keep its impact on the society,the end users,at the core and weave their idea around it
  • Look to great innovators for inspiration
  • Do not get discouraged, innovation is often an incremental process, not always a breakthrough
  • Successful innovations are those that impact society
  • Enterprises, with an ambition to lead the change, need to develop a business model that boosts innovation

Persistent’s ambition to innovate has only intensified with each successful innovation. To support this initiative Persistent will provide the required infrastructure, has formed a committee of mentors, and allocated a budget to generously reward innovators. Under the leadership of Dr. Jagannathan, innovations and innovators at Persistent will only continue to keep Persistent at the forefront of new and emerging technologies.

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