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The agile stuff we typically think of is; sprints, standups and user stories to name a few. Those things are the mechanics of how product teams organize their efforts; they are not agile.

Agile is a state of being extended via a state of mind related to people interactions. Those interactions set the tone and behavior that eventually translate to an organization described as either “command and control” or “servant leadership.”

  • Governance is the tone setting organizational framework.
  • Purpose is the larger than life reason the organization exists.
  • People are the reason for life.

Governance provides the framework where people interactions occur, which is the tone setter. If the governance measures “we do not trust you” metrics such as utilization rates then your organization will be operating in a command and control manner regardless of what your organization says. However if your organization measures “value based results” metrics such as net promoter score (NPS) then trust becomes high and the likelihood of a servant leadership environment is established.

Governance sets the culture. If you hire servant leaders and force them to operate in poor governance they become command and control, it is a survival mechanism.

Common wisdom says, “Culture eats strategy for lunch” Brian Robertson author of Holacracy told me, “Governance eats culture for dinner.”

Purpose driven organizations have the ability to change the world where values purposed organizations not only change the world but also change the world for better. Values purposed organizations have people at the center of their reason for being as apposed to being revenue driven, revenue will flow to your organization if your purpose serves people first.

People are the organization, your customers and your suppliers. They represent every point in your organizational value chain and every point outside your organizational value chain. People are the purpose for living.

Therefore if you create an organization grounded in good governance with values based purpose your people will evolve in ways that change the world for the better.  And isn’t that what life is about?

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