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Healing the sick is as much an art as it is a science. There are too many variables in the world of healthcare, for any medical professional to predict with certainty the outcomes of a procedure, test or medication course.  All healthcare professionals can do is utilize the best technology and cutting edge techniques to stack the odds in favor of the patient’s wellbeing.  It is important to remember that when speaking about healthcare, we are not dealing with numbers or statistics, but people.  Often, we take for granted the lengths hospitals go to ensure their patrons’ wellbeing – walls are painted in soothing colors, temperatures are kept at a comfortable level, and other behavioral integrations that have been purposely curated for the benefit of the patient.  Physicians and medical professionals look for anyway, no matter how small, to tip the scales towards recovery; utilizing every means available to them, focusing on any slight advantage to keep their patients healthy.  That being said, innovations around non-medical touch points in hospitals have not progressed at the same rate as recent therapeutic advances, despite technology allowing us to understand, revamp and refine previously overlooked surrounding factors.

We view 2017 as a critical juncture for the healthcare industry. Much of the healthcare infrastructure currently in place across the world is unable to handle the dynamic nature of the changing environment it sits in.  On a weekly basis, regulations are updated, patient expectations shift, new procedures are invented and new equipment enters the arena.  Onboarding for patients can induce more anxiety than a trip to the dentist, with documentation producing an alarming amount of bureaucratic paperwork, often preventing qualified professionals from spending all their time on the objective that matters most – patient care.

At Persistent Systems, we believe digital transformation of healthcare is an imperative, to allow healthcare providers to make the sharpest turns at predictable bursts of speed. To that end, we created the Connected Healthcare division, with the sole goal to innovate and integrate bespoke systems for our client’s in the medical industry.

Our dedicated healthcare transformation teams embed with our clients to learn the unique challenges presented to them, be it with their internal or patient facing systems. After analyzing the landscape through design led thinking workshops, our team works in tandem with the client to create programs which integrate seamlessly with the existing IT systems, taking a data-first, API-first or experience-first approach, as applicable in that particular scenario.  We specialize in analyzing, creating and deploying at speed and ensure that all Persistent Systems implementations create as little disruption as possible, and rapidly improve upon existing legacy systems.  Our analysts then tweak the system to create the best possible user experience both for staff and patients, making sure that the correct data is acquired for continual improvements in the future whilst continuing to maintain an elegant user experience.  In the same way that an ambulance crew function as an agile team, changing and adapting to respond to any need within seconds, our systems evolve, adapt and improve, without missing a beat.

At one of America’s top medical centers, not only were we able to reduce in-patient waiting times by almost 40%, we created a system designed for change – an agile, transformative system that is ready to adapt to future demands. Patients can quickly figure out the right doctors and specialists they need to consult with using an intelligent mobile app. Using apps based on HIPAA and FHIR compliant APIs, patients and their doctors can seamlessly and securely access their medical records worldwide, providing tremendous access to the right treatment in emergencies. At the same time as transforming the patient experience, the system already has the potential of delivering more than $5 million in savings in operational costs annually, money that can be better spent on patient care.


  1. Vinita Navadgi, Digital Transformation Strategist
  2. Ben Judah, Marketing Strategist
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