Mumbai Terror Attacks: Stay United

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The terrorist attacks in the Indian city of Mumbai were really shocking. Our heartfelt condolences to the families of all those innocent citizens who lost their lives in these dastardly acts.

Clearly, this is an attempt by anti-social elements to destabilize our country and as proud citizens, we cannot let that happen! The need of the hour is to stay focused on normal activities and ensure that we do not succumb to their evil intentions… not to let the terrorists succeed in tearing our nation apart… to stay united.

The violence has changed our lives forever. We can no longer afford to be lax about security. We need to be vigilant and extra cautious both at home and outside.

Please share your thoughts with me on what you think we could do to eradicate terrorism and extremism in the future.

– Anand

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  • lanip

    Hi! Anand,

    I totally agree to your thoughts. I think we need to educate people more about this. The Mumbai terror has strongly brought forward the sentiment that: We have expected things to happen or somebody else to do, what is needed to be done. And it has not happened… The basic needs of safety and security needs to be addressed.

    I think somehow we need to ignite the this thought in the minds of people that we have the power and the right to demand a change in the society. We individuals need to bring a change if we want one. We will need to be responsible for our actions and work towards achieving common objectives. Can we as a working class take this initiative and come together to form a team to fight this out. There has a been a call for various private bodies and instituitions like CII, NASSCOM to unite and take this up just like any other cause like global warming or CSR etc.. Maybe we could have sessions where people can explain what they need to do to protect themselves, have courses for basic self defence, have committees who know how to manage crisis, educate people about their fundamental rights… small initatives but can go a long way.

    I think our safety and security is very important and cannot be ignored.

  • Adwait Phadnis

    Let’s be realistic. After all the anger and sabre-rattling of India and Indians, let’s face it that this isn’t the first attack. Nor will it be the last. So long as we don’t do what Israel did to Hamas, we can expect more such attacks. To expect such attacks to cease on their own is rather wishful thinking. To expect US, EU and UK to put pressure on Pakistan is rather unrealistic. The cover of India Today issue dated 11 August 2008 is telling. It says, “Impotent India”. That, I believe,says it all! As I see it, internal security must be strengthened and importantly, petty politics over votes and their alleged banks must stop. The West will never see our point of view and it seems almost as if Rudyard Kipling was right when he quoted, “Oh East is East and West is West and never the twain shall meet!”

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