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Quality content, or lack thereof, has been one of the biggest challenges organizations face when moving any work out of a native land, specifically, writing jobs to offshore content factories. While India is fast becoming a content factory due to a large English speaking population and some Indian writers can (and do) create high quality English-language content, much of the content being cranked out by writers in India suffers from serious quality problems. There are huge cultural differences which often lead to a lot of contextual nuances being missed, besides writers resorting to what is now famously referred to as Indian English (Inglish). So on one side, while offshoring development has been financially beneficial it has also led to some serious problems with content quality and sometimes even plagiarism.

Technical writing is a skill that requires training, experience, niche market/domain knowledge and an in-depth understanding of the target audience and language. Over the years, Persistent has recognized these requirements and worked on developing a very capable and sophisticated Technical Communications team that demonstrates these prerequisite skills along with our customer-first approach. Our strong presence in the US along with ties to American partners as well as extensive experience in the US market has given us the relevant pedigree required to ensure that the content we create adheres to highest quality standards and doesn’t succumb to the usual pitfalls of generic outsourced content.

To acknowledge our work in this regard and to add another proverbial feather to our cap, I am happy to share that earlier this month, Ramesh Aiyyangar our Business Head for Technical Communication received an invitation from Dr. Sam Dragga – Editor – Technical Communication and Liz Pohland – Director of Communications, Intercom Editor, Society for Technical  Communications (STC) to serve on the journal’s editorial board – Technical Communication.

Technical Communication is a peer-reviewed, quarterly journal published by the Society for Technical Communication (STC) – one of the oldest and reputed international organization. Technical Communication is aimed at an audience of technical communication practitioners and academics. It has an international team with 5 members from the US, 1 member from Canada, 1 from England, and Ramesh now representing India. It is an honor for Persistent to have one of our business heads be present on the editorial board of STC as this is the first time a technical writer from India will serve on the editorial board of STC’s journal. Being on the board, Ramesh will represent not only Persistent but the entire technical writing community from India. That’s a lot of responsibility but we know he can handle it!

 As a member of the editorial board, Ramesh will serve as an ambassador for the journal at conferences, advise the editor on policies and practices of the journal, review proposals for special issues, and review manuscripts from time to time (especially in cases of urgency or divided opinions). Technical Communication’s goal is to contribute to the body of knowledge in the field of technical communication from a multidisciplinary perspective, with special emphasis on the combination of academic rigor and practical relevance. It includes both quantitative and qualitative research while showcasing the work of some of the field’s most noteworthy writers.

The invitation extended to Ramesh reaffirms what we’ve always believed and practiced – that the quality we deliver is up to the highest industry standards. Indeed, quality knows no borders and doesn’t diminish across oceans.

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