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What if we told you that you could develop Windows apps without any prior experience or programming background? Sounds pretty cool right?

Siena is a cool breakthrough technology that enables users with very basic technical skills to quickly build applications with rich visuals, filled with intelligence and functionality. With Siena, Windows 8 apps no longer have to go through the rigorous process of Software Development Life Cycle. You can connect to an Excel data source based in your SkyDrive account (or use local files), SharePoint, REST, Azure or RSS feeds. Images, News, Video and Web data from Bing search can be used on the fly. Similarly translation API from Microsoft can be used for creating translation or speech apps. The possibilities are endless. The applications built using Microsoft Project Siena can take advantage of features offered by many new age mobile devices like touch input, hand writing recognition, camera, voice, etc. and connect to popular social platforms using REST APIs.

Click to read on Microsoft TechNet why we’re so excited to be working with Microsoft on Siena!

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