Over 40% of S&P 500 companies in 2005 find no place in 2015 list, a trillion dollars of market value impacted in 10 years. The size as much as the speed of this change is noteworthy. The only way for a company to create and sustain value in this environment is to continuously transform in the context of technological advancements. Technology advancements are raising the benchmark for product and service experiences, with consumer experiences defined by companies like Apple, Amazon and Google.

The “why” of digital is obvious and the frequency of change in the “what” makes a mastery of the “how” of digital most significant. Digital transformation must be a “continuous transformation by design” and not a one-time modernization. It is about continuously crafting new lights, not just keeping the lights on.

This is a transformation about how to sell to customers, engage with employees, and cultivate their loyalties. At the same time, the company has to modernize some legacies while discarding others, to increase the speed of its decisions or actions. All this points to how a business is experienced by its stakeholders, by consumers, partners, channels and employees. Our focus on the “how” of Digital is based on continuously and rapidly building new experiences, using a platform-centric approach. Integrating internal and external data and moving to a software-driven business model form the foundation of this platform-centric approach. Software-driven is not just about software, but also a mindset to continuously discover, design and manage digital experiences in an agile fashion. This focus on the “how” has led to our recognition as a leader in digital transformation.

As a citizen of Silicon Valley since the advent of the Internet, my thinking had been continually shaped by technology advancement and entrepreneurship. During my stints as an entrepreneur and almost a decade at Persistent, I have always been on the front-line in sales and close to customers. I now look forward to bringing an entrepreneurial approach to grow the Digital business of Persistent Systems.