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Margaret Thatcher, commonly nicknamed as The Iron Lady was the first woman in The United Kingdom to be appointed to the position of Prime Minister. She was also credited for being the longest serving Prime Minister in the nation’s history. During her 11 years long tenure from 1979 to 1990, Thatcher crafted her very own uncompromising political style and implemented several policies known as Thatcherism. She introduced several reforms on direct taxation and immigration of foreign nationals. Thatcher’s strong take on industrial relations reduced the power of trade unions. During her terms, she pushed for the privatization of several nationalized industries in the country. Throughout her political career, Thatcher received both positive and negative reviews about her political decisions. After her prime ministership, Margaret Thatcher retired from the House of Commons as well. She was honored with a life peerage title of Baroness in 1992 and received UK’s Order of the Garter in 1995.

Margaret’s headstrong, fearless, and outspoken personality has been an inspiration for several women around the world. She led a very successful career in politics, which was and still is a men’s domain. On the occasion of women’s week, we wish to honor women who have succeeded in achieving top corporate positions. We now present to you the exciting journey of Manjiri Ranade, Associate Vice President, Persistent Systems.

Manjiri Ranade holds a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering (Computer Science) from Pune University. For the first 6 years of her career, she worked as a computer science lecturer. In 1996, Manjiri joined Persistent Systems as a member of its technical team. At that time, the company was still in its budding stage and Manjiri was one of Persistent’s first female employees. During her 18 year career at Persistent, Manjiri has moved up the ranks and is now the head of customer-led innovation team. Manjiri and her team focus on creating proofs of concepts for innovative ideas which Persistent’s customers and technical teams can explore. Prior to this, Manjiri was business head of the Collaboration and Social business unit.

After completing almost 25 years in professional field, Manjiri looks backs and finds her journey to her present position quite interesting. She feels she learned a lot from all her associates; be it her bosses, colleagues or customers. These were the people who inspired her to take on new challenges throughout her career; challenges such as learning new technologies, dealing with demanding customers, working through impossible work deadlines, and managing emergencies on the work and home fronts.

So how does it feel to be in the position she holds right now? Manjiri says, It gives me a great sense of achievement and inspires me to strive for more.

According to Manjiri, the journey to the top was not exactly magical. It involved a lot of pain, hard work and last but not the least, an incredible family support! On the brighter side, she learned the importance of being a good team player, doing her homework, building her network and above all, retaining her sense of humor at all times! Fortunately, she never faced any gender discrimination during her career growth. Manjiri attributes this to Persistent’s policies of offering fair promotion and growth opportunities to all the deserving employees.

As she grows in her career, Manjiri thinks it is her duty to help and guide other women who aim to reach new heights in their careers. She has one piece of advice for all of them – “With hard work and dedication, almost anything is possible. So, always believe in yourself and aim high!”

So what makes Persistent a great place to work? Manjiri thinks that Persistent has always radiated a sense of empowerment to all its employees. She feels that the entire organization runs on a common conviction ‘We can achieve what we want, if we work for it’

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