Working with Enterprise is like working with a teenager, you need to understand their human side

 In Digital Transformation

I personally don’t have much experience in working with a teenager yet, since my son is just entering the teen age, but I keep hearing from my own friends that dealing with teens is not easy and we need to understand them better and not just make them understand.

I got a taste of teen changing behavior two days back when I asked my son to select the 6th grade electives of my choice and his response was “It was actually up to him to decide the electives according to his teacher and not the parents”. I could only say “True”, but it’s your choice to consider my recommendation.

Even though, I don’t understand much about teens, but I do understand a little bit of working with Enterprises based on my previous Digital Transformation experience and it’s not about Technology or Business, its all about PEOPLE and their emotions.

People are the most important assets of any  Enterprise Transformation Initiative and if you don’t understand people all the technology and business experience is of no use. “People will either make or break an Enterprise Transformation Project”

As Persistent Systems is embarking the  of journey of becoming an Enterprise  Software Company with pure Product Engineering DNA, we will need a tool that can help us understand people.

As part of our Semicolons 24 hour Hackathon this weekend our team Rising Phoenix thought of building a tool to empower the Enterprise Sales person to understand people through instant feedback loop.

We decided to build a responsive web-app that can enable the Sales person to:

  • search contacts,
  • review NPS,
  • set-up meetings,
  • add notes in CRM,
  • send Easy, Quick, Real-time and Relevant survey’s to prospects/ customers  for immediate feedback after an interaction.

Value Proposition

For Salesperson, this web-app will not only empower them to have a customer’s 360 degree view but will also allow them to know the customer sentiments through a Net Promoter Score that was calculated from previous feedback.

And for Sales Organizations, the feedback data that was captured will allow them to predict sales closure more accurately not based on what the salesperson thinks but based on what the customer is saying through instant feedback.


Project Status:


Project Started :Friday March 11th 5:30 PM

Expected Complete: Saturday March 12th 5:00 PM

Number of Sprints: 5 (4 hour sprints)

Completed Sprints: 3 Sprints

Total Story Points: 230

Burned Story Points: 130

% Complete: 57%

Our team is working hard to meet the 24 hour completion time. Its amazing to see the hard work, dedication and passion.

Disclaimer: These are my personal opinions and not my companies

Rajesh is an accomplished Digital Transformation Leader with Strategic, Tactical, and Technical experience in leading and building a multi-channel digital platform with Omni-channel experience for financial institutes. His vision is to humanize digital technology for banking, in other words Making IT Human Again™

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