Bring Her Back To Tech


About the Program

Bring her back to tech (#BringHerBackToTech) is a program that enables women returning from a break to help kick-start their professional journey. At Persistent, we offer a host of opportunities for women technologists to learn new skills and bring them to speed with the current trends in the realm of information technology.

Sign up to learn about the latest technology trends that will give you a head start in getting back to a fulfilling career in technology.

Your second career is four steps away

Step 1:

Register for free expressing your interest to participate in our network

Step 2:

Join the community to connect and engage with peers

Step 3:

Take relevant technology courses exclusively available to you by Persistent University

Step 4:

Apply for suitable opportunities in information technology as per your interest and expertise

Eligibility Criteria

This program is specifically targeted at:

  1. Women technologists who may not be currently employed
  2. Women technologists who may have worked in the past but have difficulty resuming work due to their break
  3. Women technologists who are looking to update their skills to ready themselves for a prospective job

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the maximum period of career break considered to be eligible for this program?
    No specific period of break is defined to be eligible for this program.
  2. What is the minimum years of work experience required before the break?
    A minimum work experience of two years is required to be eligible.
  3. Are men eligible to apply for this program?
    No. This program is targeted at women who are currently unemployed and or are looking to change their stream of work in information technology..
  4. What professional qualifications do I need to have in order to apply for this program?
    You can apply for this program if you are working in a technical role and or aspire a career in information technology.
  5. Will I get hired after applying for this program?
    This program is designed to help you keep abreast with the latest technology trends and skills after a career break, which will enable you to get back to a fulfilling career in technology.
    You are encouraged to apply for suitable job openings at Persistent Systems.
    Click here to explore opportunities –
  6. Is this a paid program?
    This is a free program however some trainings may have a nominal charge.
  7. What happens after I complete the trainings?
    After you complete a training you can either continue to take additional trainings or apply for suitable jobs opportunities.


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