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01. It’s Bring Your Hobby Day Everyday
Whether you’re a fan of sports, fine arts, performing arts, or just an expert at taking long naps, we have a platform to help you showcase your talents. Time to polish that tennis backhand!

02. We Believe The More You Work, The More You Need To Party
Which is why we regularly organize various cultural and social entertainment events; while advising every new recruit to have party wear always on standby.

03. More Opportunities To Grow Your Network, And Your Popularity
We offer endless networking opportunities to employees and their families. Even if you’re not on a quest to pump up your LinkedIn network to 500+, you’re sure to befriend some great people.

04. Helping You Build A Resume That Knocks People’s Socks Off
(And perhaps convinces that old school master how wrong he was about you.) Persistent’s training sessions, workshops and skill building sessions will help you grow continuously and become the best in your field.

05. Making You Wealthy, While Keeping You Healthy
Our wellness initiatives focus on your physical fitness, mental wellbeing, diet and healthcare needs. We like our employees to be hackathon and marathon ready.

06. Ensuring You Earn Some Good Karma
At Persistent, you get a chance to participate in various betterment initiatives that directly benefit you in your personal life. It’s time to give yourself a pat on the back, if we haven’t done so already.

Employees Speak
  • When our annual hackathon, Semicolons, culminates into some of the coolest solutions for some of the toughest problems, we are amazed at our own resourcefulness. And it’s only getting bigger and better every year.

    Sagar Laddha
    Sagar Laddha Project Lead, Pune, India
  • Persistent provides a cohesive and collaborative platform for open minds to work and implement changes without any hierarchical restrictions. The overall journey of Life at Persistent has offered me various opportunities of self-expression, access to information, cross location networking and, most importantly, positive vibes and motivation to work for the benefit of the organization. It’s been an amazing journey so far and many more moments to unearth!

    Chintak Sutaria
    Chintak Sutaria Senior Project Manager, Nagpur, India
  • On joining Persistent, I quickly became aware of a very spiritual and human centered outlook on our personal lives, our careers and our relationships with our communities. Coming from a Western working culture, I find this very refreshing and heartening. Monday Coffee – keep up the good work!

    Christopher McGraw
    Christopher McGraw Software Developer, Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Besides the really warm-hearted people, the social volunteering opportunities and the Persistent Foundation initiatives are a huge perk here. They drive me, bit by bit, towards solving the various problem statements outside my comfort zone. There’s more to life than 1s and 0s – that’s what I am continually learning at Persistent.

    Aditi Baitule
    Aditi Baitule Module Lead, Nagpur, India
  • My team’s recent transfer (from IBM) to Persistent was the 3rd transfer in my software engineering career of 21 years, but it definitely was the most welcoming and smooth one! And let’s not forget the brand new, beautiful office space, designed and renovated just for us.

    Yael Frommer
    Yael Frommer Software Engineer Rehovot, Israel
  • Exciting work, inspiring bosses, interesting mentors, an innovation inspiring environment, encouraging Toastmasters, a satisfactory work-life balance. This is Persistent for me. Young techies are always hungry for knowledge and opportunities. And Persistent has given me much more. A startup-like culture in an MNC is what everyone experiences at Persistent.

    Phanindra Sura
    Phanindra Sura Senior Software Engineer Hyderabad, India

Please read Job and Legal Notices and Recruitment Fraud Awareness for more details. Persistent is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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