75% Effort Reduction in Healthcare Operations with UNITY


A large healthcare service provider brought down the operations team’s effort by 75% through our self-service application onboarding dashboard.

The Challenge

The healthcare service provider had undertaken a web access modernization initiative that involved onboarding over a thousand applications to its Ping infrastructure. This effort proved to be hugely time-consuming with substantial manual work. Their operations team was stretched thin with other priorities. They needed a solution that would empower application owners to onboard applications to Ping with minimal support from the operations team.

The Solution

Persistent used its proprietary identity and access modernization framework, UNITY, to build a self-service portal that automated application onboarding.

Persistent customized the portal to fit the client’s specific application onboarding workflow. Using the portal, application owners were able to initiate the onboarding process by providing application information, integration options and other information to bootstrap the application on to Ping.

The policy workbench within the portal helped them manage CRUD (create, read, update and delete) actions for application authentication policies. This enabled them to promote application policies to higher environments.

The Result

More than a thousand applications were successfully migrated to Ping using the self-service onboarding portal. As a result of this, the operations team’s application onboarding efforts were reduced by a whopping 75%.

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