OutSystems Mobile App for an Agricultural Cooperative Firm


When one of the top 5 agricultural cooperative firms in the US was looking to launch a platform within a challenging timeline, Persistent Systems took up the task. The platform needed to go live before harvest season and deliver customer data intuitively and seamlessly to the farmers.

The Challenge

This farm-owned organization’s existing website was split into 2, had limited information, was non-intuitive and lacked a modern interface making it very difficult for farmers to use. Another urgent requirement was having all this information available through mobile apps since farmers are always on the move.

The Solution

Persistent created a unified OutSystems based Web Responsive Portal and a native mobile application (available in both iOS and Android versions), complete with easy and seamless user registration, an admin portal for easy management and all the information related to customers.

The interface was designed to be intuitive and dynamic, with rich weather-related information, the ability to export data like contracts, invoices, scale & delivery tickets, into easily consumable excel and pdf files ready for print and offline use.

The custom-made mobile apps were designed to be accessible to non-registered users as well for generic information related to the cooperative and their day-to-day business. Although easy to use, the app featured very strong user authorization & access control for the farmers-customer, thereby ensuring security despite seamless UX, which includes SSO for internal users.

Delivered right in time for the harvest season, this project proved to be crucial for their business and gave Team Persistent a chance to display exceptional planning and execution skills.

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