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MoMAGIC delivers increased customer satisfaction with Google Cloud and Persistent

MediaAgility was acquired by Persistent in May 2022 and its capabilities form the foundation for Persistent’s Google Business Unit. As a Google Cloud Partner and a strategic IT Transformation services provider, the Google Business Unit is focused on delivering transformational services with cloud-native solutions that enable businesses to stay relevant and benefit from the public cloud platform capabilities.

MoMAGIC Technologies is one of the leading IoT and Mobile AdTech solutions providers in India, with dominance in the Southeast Asia market. With a talent pool of data intelligence, AI & Marketing experts in Asia, MoMAGIC Technologies is one of the leading Indian companies in the IoT and Mobile AdTech space.

The company has been looking to expand its territories in the global market. The company has been consistently investing in R&D and expanding as a ‘global company’ with customized contextual analytics and business intelligence consulting.

With the expansion came a greater challenge of managing operations efficiently. With so many data points, the company thought it needed to move to a more cost-effective and scalable infrastructure in order to enhance its overall performance.

The need to modernize infrastructure for scalability and performance enhancement

MoMAGIC was using data centers and cloud providers for its infrastructure requirements. But with the expansion, the need to decrease turnaround times and increase scalability arose. 

With business requirements increasing every day, they were looking for a cost-effective infrastructure solution that offers better performance at a faster pace. Furthermore, business growth meant they needed an environment that could scale to meet the demand for the next five to 10 years. 

Being in the mobile advertising industry, they decided to migrate to Google Cloud Platform – a cloud that is purpose-built for the ads ecosystem and enhanced performance and scalability.

We performed a phased ‘Lift and Shift’ migration to Google Cloud for added security and scalability

MoMAGIC’s decision to move to Google Cloud Platform was driven by the cloud’s global scale and security. Google recommended MediaAgility, which was acquired by Persistent Systems in May 2022, as a partner to perform a phased ‘Lift and Shift’ migration.

Our consultants chalked out a detailed, phased migration plan to modernize with rapid lift and shift and deployed the robust Google Cloud infrastructure at scale. 

Persistent’s high-quality support

We got complete support for this migration activity, and it helped us in getting the migration done successfully and within committed timelines

Manish Chitkara, COO and Co-Founder, MoMAGIC

Our migration experts established the foundational data pipelining capabilities. We charted a dynamic scaling plan that enabled MoMAGIC to process massive amounts of data only when they needed it, which further enabled them to run their data pipelines at a much lower cost.

The Google Cloud products that were used included:

  • Migrate for Compute Engine (formerly Velostrata) was used to migrate applications from on-prem/AWS to GCP. For more complex applications, we took the harder route and rebuilt the systems on GCP from scratch. Their applications also included complex data pipelines that required processing tens of millions of transactions every day
  • Cloud VPN was set up to secure the connections
  • Cloud Monitoring (formerly Stackdriver) provided better resource monitoring at a low cost. It also allowed them to visualize traffic patterns in their applications in a way that they previously could not
  • Cloud Storage for massive parallel object storage for Flume pipelines. We moved all the websites (that are critical to the client’s business in terms of generating more traffic) to Cloud Storage, thereby enabling them to let go of their previous VM-based architecture and run operations for that line of product at a 90% lower cost
Infrastructure modernization and cloud migration helped MoMAGIC realize many benefits

MoMAGIC has completed phase one of the migration that involved moving its web properties across to Google Cloud. The organization is planning to get used to the move and eventually migrate APIs and databases to Google Cloud Platform.

Achieved cost-effectiveness

Through successful migration to Google Cloud Platform, MoMAGIC experienced better scalability and performance. This led to an improvement in cost-effectiveness and client satisfaction at an optimal infrastructure price. Their cost optimization landed to a point where the actual operational cost came out to be 50% of that which was originally projected at the beginning of the project.

Completed in a short period of time

The project, though complex, was completed in a very short period, giving the client more time to adjust to the new changes. Given our agile DNA, our experts were able to complete the project within 10 weeks, which was the original projected date in the proposal.

MoMAGIC had a requirement of a more consolidated infrastructure to manage data sources and organizational operations. This was required to prevent an increased chance of errors, not to mention the high costs of maintaining more than one system. We recommended Google Cloud Platform as the most natural choice for MoMAGIC’s needs. Our cloud experts helped conduct a smooth migration and the client was able to save quite a lot on costs, increasing their overall productivity simultaneously

Nirdesh Chahal, Google Business Unit, Persistent Systems

Scalability beyond estimation

Several months after completing the migration to Google Cloud Platform, MoMAGIC is achieving scalability to grow their business on the new infrastructure. The business expects the number of data points to remarkably increase within a year and with Google Cloud, will handle this increased traffic comfortably.

With Google Cloud Platform, the company can scale without worrying about the stability of the underlying infrastructure.

In addition, the shift helped lower latency, ensuring that MoMAGIC’s users get a responsive, high-quality experience. This led to an overall increase in client satisfaction for the company.

Optimized team functioning

Google Cloud Platform helped MoMAGIC get access to a consolidated Monitoring Dashboard, which allowed the company to quickly identify immediate attention areas in the overall cloud infrastructure. This, in turn, helped optimize the team’s bandwidth and efforts.

In addition, System Recommendations helped in getting quick access to steps that could be taken for efficient utilization of money.

Operational efficiency amounting to an increased client base

As MoMAGIC grows its business, it is imperative that the Google Cloud solution provides adequate support to keep the platform running at peak performance without experiencing downtime. This will help the company increase its client base without compromising on operational efficiency. 

By moving to Google Cloud Platform, MoMAGIC is now also looking forward to modernizing applications and leveraging Google’s unique capabilities such as Google Kubernetes Engine and BigQuery.

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