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Idea spring

As promised during our 8th January Startups Meet, here is your chance to make it big! Just fill in a few details and enroll yourself. We will be evaluating all participants in a 2-step process. Once shortlisted, you will get a chance to present to customers from Healthcare, BFSI, Manufacturing and E-commerce domains on the 1st of March. Also, with IdeaSpring Capital joining in as a VC, stand a chance to get funded. Register now!

Last date for Submission of Step 1: 22nd January

Company Introduction


Founder/Co-founders Profile

Founder/Co-founder 1

Founder/Co-founder 2 (optional)

Founder/Co-founder 3 (optional)


Vertical Focus*

BFSIHealthcareLife SciencesE-commerceManufacturingVertical AgnosticOthers (specify)


Technology Domain*

Big Data & AnalyticsMachine Learning/Artificial IntelligenceIoTCloudSecurityOther (specify)


What does the Company do?*

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What is unique selling proposition of the Company?*

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What problem does the Company solve?*

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Business Model*



What kind of traction has the Company received till now? (traffic to company website, app downloads, customer POCs, revenue)?*

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Funding status*

BootstrappedFunded (If funded, please describe the source of funding other than friends & family)



We will contact the shortlisted candidates by 30th of January.

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