IBM IoT Exchange 2020

March 17-18, 2020 | Hilton, Orlando

Join us at IoT Exchange 2020 as we collaborate with the best minds in the industry to power the engineering lifecycle.

Persistent Systems is a master solutions and integration partner for your digital transformation journey. We have over 1,000 industrial experts that bring unparalleled systems engineering expertise and a deep understanding of industrial systems, IoT platforms, multi-cloud strategies, industrial data flows, and analytics capabilities. Together we provide the skills and global coverage to blend legacy and emerging technologies.

Briefing Session

Persistent UNITE Integration Platform – Your integrated engineering solution

Persistent is leading in industrial with strong practices in ALM, PLM, Integration and development. There is a major need from our customer to build consistent and integrated engineering solution. Every industry, territory, context, history is building customer solution made of IBM ELM solution and other tools, including PLM. Persistent UNITE Integration Platform is providing product and services that enable end to end integrated engineering solution on top of IBM ELM.

Speaker Details

Bertrand has spent 25 years in the software industry and gets his energy from the field. His focus is to support Industrial Offerings. He is now leading integration products and services offerings, enabling his customers to build end to end digital design and process on top of their preferred engineering platform. For the last 20 years Bertrand has engaged successfully in multiple industries such as blast furnace, chewing gum tablets, car fleet, grain silo and fighters.

Bertrand Raillard

Why we are the system engineering experts

As IBM’s product development partner for Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM), we provide a comprehensive set of capabilities that ensures engineering teams have the tools needed to reduce costs and improve agility, collaboration, and compliance.

Unparalleled expertise in IBM ELM

Broad integration capabilities

Over 1,000 industrial expertise

Global coverage and support

Expertise in industrial connectivity, cloud, analytics and AI/ML

Trusted relationships with our clients

Customer Success Stories

Cutting IBM DOORS Next implementation time by 90% for a project with 10,000 requirements.

Using IBM ELM tools to access critical data securely within hours instead of days requirements.

Meet Persistent experts and learn how we can help power your engineering life cycle

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