MuleSoft Summit 2021 DACH

MuleSoft Summit 2021 DACH

Unleash the power of connected experiences.

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Take your first step towards MuleSoft-led integration and connectivity with the DACH Summit happening this October. Join the event to understand MuleSoft’s vision and product innovations and create your own company’s roadmap towards creating seamless digital experiences, faster.

As a leading partner of MuleSoft, the #1 platform for integration, APIs and automation, Persistent is proud to sponsor the upcoming summit and is excited to attend. This virtual event is designed to be an interactive experience and will empower your teams to understand the big trends that will shape the future of IT and adapt them to your plan with speed and scale.

Virtual Event Highlights

10:00 AM CET

Opening keynote with Rüdiger Fabian

10:15 AM CET

MuleSoft Vision with guest speaker interview

10:35 AM CET

Product innovation with solution experts

10:45 AM CET

Customers in focus: How C&A is driving its digital transformation

11:10 AM CET

Start your integration project with MuleSoft Accelerator (including for SAP)

11:30 AM CET

End of the virtual event

MuleSoft Summit 2021 DACH

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