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IBM – Continuous Engineering

The product development process is growing more complex and connected than ever before.
Today, even the most mundane items are packed with sensors and software.
Industry and government standards bodies are continually introducing new regulations to keep these new features in check.

To manage this growing complexity, product and systems engineers worldwide trust IBM’s Continuous Engineering (CE) solution set to manage all aspects of the product lifecycle, from requirements and changes to versions, testing and many other tasks.

The benefits of IBM Continuous Engineering

IBM CE is a set of seamlessly integrated application lifecycle management (ALM) tools that help your teams:

  • Keep up with growing software and hardware complexity
  • Scale with your expanding compliance needs
  • Better manage your increasing variations
  • Improve cycle time
  • Support all leading development models and methodologies
  • Improve collaboration across all roles and responsibilities.
  • Unlock end-to-end process visibility
  • Use the cloud to maximize uptime and ROI and reduce maintenance
  • Deliver better, more compliant products and systems, faster

Get more from IBM CE with Persistent Systems

For more than 15 years, Persistent Systems has partnered with IBM to develop and continually improve the IBM Continuous Engineering solution suite.

What platform do our 2,000+ IBM engineers use to track the development of these highly-complex applications? IBM CE. Nobody understands IBM CE better than we do.

Persistent provides a broad range of installation, configuration, customization and training services for IBM CE as well as innovative tooling that enhances the capabilities of IBM CE and maximizes your efficiency and productivity. Our support services include:


Receive 100% of the benefits of IBM CE with none of the drawbacks of ownership with IBM CE Managed Services from Persistent Systems. When you let the IBM CE experts at Persistent host, manage and maintain your solution, you’ll experience:

  • Faster preparation and initial rollout
  • Faster time to use/value
  • Decreased maintenance resources
  • Greater focus on higher-value activities
  • Decreased system downtime
  • The ability to leverage new features quickly
  • More efficient infrastructure management
  • Improved system support by relying on our experts handle your trouble tickets

Persistent Systems offers Nearshore and Offshore options to match your needs and budget, and we offer EU or US Citizen options for defense, government and military accounts.


Migrating from older requirements tools like DOORS 9 or RequisitePro to more modern applications like DOORS Next Generation (DNG) delivers strong ROI and clear benefits for your business.

But the thought of moving potentially millions of artifacts from one platform to another without a hiccup in your development cycles can be daunting.

Persistent Systems offers a dedicated requirements data migration service for organizations just like yours, built on five key elements:

  • Purpose-built migration tools developed by Persistent’s engineers
  • Dedicated DOORS migration experts that focus specifically on DNG migrations
  • Powerful data transformation scripts to migrate and align your data cleanly, quickly and non-destructively
  • A proven four-step methodology for migration that maximizes your results and reduces downtime to a bare minimum
  • Decades of experience developing and using DNG every day in our own business

Persistent Systems can audit your current environment and processes, identifying what gaps need to be closed to prepare your organization for a successful deployment or upgrade of the IBM CE platform.

Rely on our 15+ years of real-world IBM CE implementation expertise to ensure you achieve the exact uptime, performance and scale your business needs, within little to no disruption.


The more tightly integrated your IBM CE solutions are with the rest of your environment, the better and more efficiently your entire organization can operate.  We have hands-on expertise successfully developing and deploying custom solutions to integrate IBM CE applications and data with the following standards-based interfaces and more:

  • Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC) specifications
  • Extract, transform and load (ETL) database integrations
  • Tracked Resource Set (TRS) feeds
  • Product lifecycle management (PLM) platform adapters

Despite the trend towards open source, most IT environments still contain proprietary systems created to meet your business’s highly-specific needs and processes.

Persistent’s developers have a great deal of experience creating custom add-ons that connect your proprietary systems to the IBM CE platform. These include:

  • Dashboard widgets
  • Data visualizations
  • Reports
  • Plug-ins
  • Adapters
  • DevOps pipelines

Embracing new methods and models for product development is never easy, but the benefits can be both significant and game-changing for your business. When it comes to successful change management, there’s no substitute for “been there, done that.”

Put our 15+ years of successful product development and change management expertise to work for your business through our highly-interactive, classroom-style training workshops, covering the following topics and more:

  • lean/agile practices
  • DevOps
  • Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®)
  • Continuous Delivery

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