Why You Need Product Master

Is your organization:

  • Wasting resources and generating unforced errors by keying the same product information into multiple systems each day?
  • Struggling to keep pace with changing sales and promotional pricing?
  • Hampered by product information that’s too spread out, inconsistent and difficult to access at speed?
  • Limiting your logistics team’s ability to achieve perfect order status due to bad product data?
  • Unable to maximize discounts due to multiple part numbers for the same product…or even from the same vendor?
  • Hurting your credibility with employees, partners and customers that can’t trust what you’re telling them?

If you said YES to any of these, you need IBM Product Master.

Ecommerce & Omnichannel Demand Product Master

Product Master was created to support the explosive growth of eCommerce and the omnichannel nature of today’s retail experience, whether your business is B2C, B2B or both. Consider the following:

Global retail e-commerce sales: 2014 – 2021 (US$ trillions)

PIMS Global Retail E-Commerce Sales Graph

Omnichannel marketing creates more opportunities to view your product information across an increasing number of platforms.

Ecommerce is driving an increase in pricing variations among customer sets and regions, and those prices are changing more rapidly than ever.

If you’re not using a Product Master system to deliver the right product information and price to the right platform at the right time, you need Product Master from Persistent Systems.

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