Security Offerings

Knowledge of user identity has become the fundamental building block in a modern enterprise. The security expertise at Persistent is an important dimension of how we help our customers be responsible as they track and understand their customers’ habits, preferences, and usage patterns by collecting and analyzing data.

Advisory & Implementation Services

Identity & Access Modernization

Strategy, assessments and transformation of identity governance and access platforms to support next-gen business and operational requirements for an enterprise and consumer identities (CIAM) using frictionless risk-based adaptive authentication techniques

Data Access Governance And Privacy

Data Access Governance & Privacy

Help organizations with discovery, classification, tagging of data assets and setup a governance model to manage risk and meet regulations in an increasingly privacy aware business environment

Cloud Security

Strategy, assessments and roadmaps for moving identity infrastructure to leverage cloud offerings to improve security posture and operational efficiency and reduce overall risk

Self-Sovereign Identities

Strategy, proof of value and pilots for leveraging self-sovereign identities in consortia environment of hospitality, retail, healthcare leveraging consent, selective disclosures (ZKP) and claims for business enablement

Managed Services

Take full or partial ownership of operational functions for security services and infrastructure to reduce overall cost of ownership of security platform.

Products & Accelerators


A comprehensive modernization framework which automates much of the tedious migration and policy management functions along with empowering application teams to administer/manage their applications’ policies with minimal support from operations team


Improve user experience (UX) for access requests, approvals and certification. Reduce friction to improve adoption of self-service capabilities for identity management and compliance.

CXO Dashboards

Dashboards provide analytics to help CXOs and auditors make recommendations and decisions which are data-driven with severity levels and policy/data based risk scores


Neuro is a “Risk-Aware”, “Contextual” and “Personalized” authentication product that leverages patented innovations in the security domain along with recent advances in authentication standards, biometrics and analytics to deliver secure and seamless user experience

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