Improving healthcare outcomes while reducing costs can only be achieved by uniquely combining applied technology innovations with healthcare process transformation. We drive transformational programs with industry solutions that span marketing, CRM, clinical workflow and operations, powered by the idea of elegantly composing technology to drive value creation.

Digital front door pediatric hospitals

Digital front door pediatric hospitals

Find a holistic approach to acquisition, access and retention across outpatient channels and services to deliver optimal care for patients. This solution, powered by Salesforce, Vonage and Mulesoft, has been designed by healthcare experts to address the increasingly widening care debt.

digital front door

Digital Front Door

Enabling an omnichannel experience for patients, care providers and agents delivering a digital platform for all phases of patient interaction and care delivery including, patient acquisition with marketing automation, patient access center & telemedicine, referrals & provider network management and specialty pharma hub.

digital clinical care

Digital Clinical Care

Digital solutions to enable healthcare providers develop and implement digital care pathways for the treatment of patients with complex and chronic ailments. These care pathways and drug adherence programs improve the consistency of care and patient outcomes at a reduced cost.

Revenue Cycle Optimization

Revenue Cycle Optimization

Enabling healthcare providers to transform their revenue cycle management programs thru the application of technology to streamline manual authorization and denials management processes, resulting in an improved revenue recognition.

software product engineering services

Life Sciences Innovation and Engineering

Our solutions provide end-to-end product and platform development services that help analytical instrumentation and medical devices companies build the software that drives their products. These services range from product architecture, UX & Design, Development, DevOps, Validation and Release to Operational Support.

Molecular Biology And Analytical Instruments

Genomics & Multiomics Data Analysis & Integration

Helping build end-to-end Bioinformatics and software solutions for Genomics/Multi-omics data analysis and integration for variant annotation, genotype-phenotype correlations and Biomarker identification for Precision Medicine.

Reimagining Patient Experiences via Pivot Labs

Bringing strategy, data science-based discovery, implementation, and real-life validation capability for industry players that deliver products and solutions for patients.

Persistent Engagement Platforms Via Salesforce

Engagement Platforms via Salesforce COE

Enabling Health Systems to more effectively engage with patients along their journeys by delivering value (self-service, information, and logistical support) through seamless connected experiences for patients.

Hospital Operations Optimization via Herald Health

Helping hospital staff to react in real-time to events occurring in clinical operations in order to optimize resources such as beds, transfer of patient across departments, discharge of patients, and more.

CRM Solutions via Salesforce COE

Enabling provider organizations to manage broad relationships, engagement, and collaboration across their provider network, communities, and patients via Salesforce-based accelerators. The accelerators include Patient Access Services, Physician Liaison Management, Provider Referral Management, Care Coordination, Home Health, Post-Acute Care Tracker, Bundled Payment Manager, and Digital Marketing for Healthcare.

Precision Clinical Systems in conjunction with Partners Healthcare

Helping clinical teams improve outcomes at an enhanced scale through automated patient characterization and precisely mapping them to appropriate drugs, tests, and procedures.

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