Effective Engagement: Creating Interactive Experiences for Patients & Families

Dealing with illness or a sudden emergency can be a frightening situation. As emotions run high, patients and their families look to both medical providers and support staff for guidance as they try to understand their circumstances, make appropriate medical choices, navigate the insurance landscape, and take away any post-clinical care information.

To facilitate successful outcomes and help patients and families take a more active role in their own healthcare, organizations have to prioritize positive patient experiences. Persistent can help you streamline all patient-facing processes, offer self-service functionality, and push relevant content to consumers so they can make informed decisions and lifestyle choices.

Customer Success Snapshot

Major Teaching Hospital
Created Smart Phone App to Enhance Patient Experiences
  • Complicated registration process
  • Data gaps required patients to repeat information
  • Difficult for patients to find way within facility
  • Doctors couldn’t see patients until paperwork was complete
  • Patients had to proactively manage insurance coverage
  • Very little follow-up once patients left the hospital
Persistent Solution
  • Developed a smart phone app for patients to facilitate registration, appointments, the collection of insurance information, parking, and navigation through facilities
  • Included alerts, intelligent data feeds, and decision-oriented content to help patients make informed choices
  • Improved brand image
  • Increased patient experience, satisfaction, and loyalty
  • Streamlined processes and reduced paperwork
  • Enabled staff to focus on care by making some processes self-service for patients

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