Enterprise Asset Management Solutions With IOT

The IoT Asset Management solution and services brings disparate IoT technologies together into a seamless solution for enterprises using expensive machine assets and working with multiple IoT vendors and contractors. Persistent offers the development accelerators needed to create a unified asset management solution able to manage the entire portfolio of critical equipment.

The offering can enable transformations of the following nature to legacy asset management solutions currently collecting machine data:

A unified cross asset UI/analytics layer and data lake

Implement ML powered predictive maintenance

Integrate with ERP and field service management or other business systems

Development accelerators that combine multiple disparate technologies to streamline operations

Why IoT-connected Enterprise Asset Management from Persistent

Improved Performance360-degree VisibilitySmarter Operations
Extended equipment life due to better maintenance schedule, predictive maintenance and reduced mean time between failures (MTBF)Real-time visibility for management and staff into mobile asset location, output, operations and machine diagnostic alerts improves productivity and conserves energyPredictive alerts and anomaly detection in field service management prevents outages, increases uptime, and improves capex forecasting and budgeting based on actual wear-and-tear.

Download the IoT-connected Asset Management brochure to learn more.

Contact us today to see how the solution can transform your asset management operations and increase ROI and productivity.

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