Enterprise Cognitive Concierge | AI Powered Chatbots

Enterprise Cognitive Concierge by Persistent Systems allows organizations competing in the increasingly digital world to deploy highly intelligent chatbots for typed and vocal interactions. The solution uses IBM Watson Machine Learning to power its voice and facial recognition technologies, and can capture the true intent of the customer through context and non-verbal cues.

The concierge provides multiple capabilities for managing customer engagement and touchpoints, including:

  1. Ability to be deployed in-store or online with auto-detection and engagement with customers in the comfort of their natural environment
  2. Use of natural language with speech-to-text and text-to-speech capabilities and linguistic analysis for customer interactions and identifying any number of product and service characteristics
  3. Choice of language for conversations and transactions, with the bot handling all transactions with high degree of fluency
  4. Smooth handoff to a live customer representative by issuing printed tokens for in-store interactions and passing of contact notes for online engagement
  5. Interesting exchange with customers on a wide variety of topics, including casual and friendly conversations to keep the engagement level high

Why Enterprise Cognitive Concierge solution from Persistent

Superior Customer ExperienceCost-EffectiveCompetitive Advantage
Customers can interact with the concierge on a wide variety of topics, including casual topics in their choice of languageMore customers can be served with lesser manpower and better efficiency, reducing wait times in both online and in-store formatsWith ML and AI capability, the concierge gets better and more personalized over time, providing a unique competitive advantage and brand lift

Download the Enterprise Cognitive Concierge brochure to learn more.

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