Smart Community Management

The Smart Community Management solution from Persistent eases maintenance and management of facilities for property managers, maintenance workers and residents. It improves maintenance worker productivity, resident engagement and efficiency across the board.

The solution provides the following key capabilities:

Easy to use interface

Single, easy-to-use interface that links all connected subsystems, including lighting systems, swimming pools, landscape irrigation, security gates and others

Real time report and dashboard

Real-time reports and dashboards that help in monitoring and management by operations teams and identifying opportunities for improving energy and water consumption

 highly Customizable

Highly customizable to fit various community requirements, different management structures and operational workflows

Mobile interface

Mobile interface for residents with full visibility into maintenance status and ability to raise service tickets

Persistent Smart Community Management Solution

Why Smart Community Management solution from Persistent

Increased Occupancy and Satisfaction Reduced Costs Improved Resource Efficiency
Increased uptime, better maintenance, and regular communication increases resident satisfaction, lease renewal rates and demand from new tenants Regular monitoring and visibility extends equipment lifespan, decreases maintenance expenses and optimizes budgetary allocations Optimized operations reduce energy and water consumption, monthly expenses and carbon footprint

Download the Smart Community Management brochure to learn more.

Contact us today to see how your property can benefit from a more streamlined and efficient operations.

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