IoT-enabled Smart Plant Maintenance

The Smart Plant Maintenance solution from Persistent helps manufacturing companies streamline plant maintenance operations, reduce costs and enhance equipment reliability. It improves efficiency by providing timely data to supervisors and technicians while making reports and dashboards on maintenance KPIs available to executives and plant managers.

Our Smart Plant Maintenance solution provides the following key capabilities:

Auto scheduling

Auto-scheduling of maintenance tasks based on predefined schedule with flexibility to adapt to newer business requirements

Customised task

Customizable task forms, workflows and configurations for flexible operations and unique plant environments and requirements

PM comliance report

Ready-to-use reports such as PM Compliance report, MTBF, MTTR, PM Effectiveness reports as well as custom reports for productivity and maintenance KPIs

Mobile app

Mobile app for technicians for real-time access, on-the-go data capture such as safety checklists and more


Integrations with Persistent’s IoT platform as well as third-party applications from SAP, IBM and others

Why Smart Plant Maintenance Solution from Persistent

Improved Bottomline Reduced Maintenance Costs Higher Productivity
The solution results in higher production output due to more optimized scheduling, 360 degree visibility and smoother operations Increased equipment life due to better maintenance scheduling and easier data capture results in lesser cost of equipment maintenance Workers, supervisors and managers experience much higher productivity due to better tooling, faster data capture and useful integrations

Download the Smart Plant Maintenance brochure to learn more.

Contact us today to see how the solution can improve plant operations, bring in efficiencies and help transform your business.

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