Over the last decade, we clearly saw that most businesses worked hard to address the initial phases of their digital transformation and learned a great deal in the process. While some digital efforts failed, companies adapted and became much smarter at planning and executing their vision. Organizations learned that both IT and Line of Business can now drive effective solutions together using the new online capabilities available on the cloud. The notion of digital enterprise has become pervasive and the impact of this reality is now felt across all industries, segments and markets. In fact, most businesses struggle to compete today if they are not operating as a digital enterprise.

As we enter the new decade, we believe significant business value will come from greater enterprise composability—enabled by a digital mosaic of business solutions, applications, data platforms and infrastructure. Now untethered from monolithic legacy systems, constrained software standards and outdated architectures, businesses have the potential to create a unique digital mosaic for their organization. This new architecture unlocks increased flexibility, operational speed and the freedom to pursue opportunities and growth well outside legacy value chains. In this environment Business and IT leaders can more effectively partner to create business value from technology investments at a much faster pace and at scale.