Corporate Governance Reports

The Company believes that Corporate Governance is a set of guidelines to help to fulfill its responsibilities to all its stakeholders i.e. investors, customers, vendors, Government employees, associates and society. It is a voluntary code of self-discipline to ensure transparency, accountability and integrity. The Company has set its corporate governance philosophy to enhance the long-term value of Company’s stakeholders.

The Company believes that Corporate Governance is not restricted to the Board and Committees of the Board of Directors. Good Governance is an essential ingredient of good business. With this view, the Company continued with its initiative of voluntary adoption of various Corporate Governance measures. The following report on the voluntary implementation of the Corporate Governance Code is a sincere effort of the Company to follow the Corporate Governance principles in its letter and spirit.

Corporate Governance Reports 2012 – 2013

Download Corporate Governance Reports 2012 – 13

To set aside one’s prejudices, one’s present needs, and one’s own self interest in making a decision as a director for a company is an intellectual exercise that takes constant practice. In short, intellectual honesty is a journey and not a destination.

Mervyn King, Chairman, King Report

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