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Residential infrastructure is getting more complex.

A top-notch residential experience can be high maintenance. There’s a lot to keep tabs on – common area lighting and HVAC, pools, landscape irrigation, access gates and doors, and much more.

Why is getting smarter not working smart enough?

Tech upgrades have brought better connectedness to residential communities. But when the solution ends there, the challenges of monitoring begin.

Your Residents, Property Managers and Maintenance Workers could do with better.

Better tracking, better updates, better responses.

Enter IoT Smart Communities.

Built for both insights and action, Persistent System’s IoT-based solution is transforming the way real estate under management works.

Three Phase Electric, one of our partners, is experiencing just that with Persistent’s Software 4.0. Their founder and CEO, Kim Weiss, has this to say about a solution that will help you

  • Boost your maintenance workers’ productivity with a single, easy-to-use interface that links all connected subsystems
  • Increase resident engagement with automatic updates and mobile “tickets”
  • Find more ways to improve energy and water consumption with smart sensors and clear, real-time reports
  • Offer complete customization so users can prioritize issues, select notification methods and escalate issues with the management

The grass really is greener on the IoT-powered side.
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