6 Ways We Help Employees Look Forward To Work (Even On Mondays)

Santa Clara Bring Your Hobby Day Everyday Work

1. It’s Bring Your Hobby Day Everyday
Whether you’re a fan of sports, fine arts, performing arts, or just an expert at taking long naps, we have a platform to help you showcase your talents. Time to polish that tennis backhand!

2. We Believe The More You Work, The More You Need To Party
Which is why we regularly organize various cultural and social entertainment events; while advising every new recruit to have party wear always on standby.

3. More Opportunities To Grow Your Network, And Your Popularity
We offer endless networking opportunities to employees and their families. Even if you’re not on a quest to pump up your LinkedIn network to 500+, you’re sure to befriend some great people.

4. Helping You Build A Resume That Knocks People’s Socks Off
(And perhaps convinces that old school master how wrong he was about you.) Persistent’s training sessions, workshops and skill building sessions will help you grow continuously and become the best in your field.

5. Making You Wealthy, While Keeping You Healthy
Our wellness initiatives focus on your physical fitness, mental well-being, diet and healthcare needs. We like our employees to be hackathon and marathon ready.

6. Ensuring You Earn Some Good Karma
At Persistent, you get a chance to participate in various betterment initiatives that directly benefit you in your personal life. It’s time to give yourself a pat on the back, if we haven’t done so already.

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