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  • 5 reasons why Blockchains will make us all honest (and happy) citizens March 22, 2017
    The post 5 reasons why Blockchains will make us all honest (and happy) citizens appeared first on Persistent.
  • Migration of Data Warehouses to the Cloud March 21, 2017
    By now, the cloud has become a well settled deployment option for business applications. Among it’s many benefits, it provides an excellent ground for basing the business intelligence systems as it provides scalability, business agility and lowers total cost of ownership. So, it is anomalous that although most applications have long moved to the cloud, […]
  • Building DRISHTI and Winning Semicolons 2017 March 16, 2017
    Digital technologies are transforming our world at a blistering pace. Software-driven businesses are everywhere around us, and next-gen platforms continue to push the boundaries of what can be achieved by bringing together the latest technology advances. From autonomous cars to smart cities, from better patient care in hospitals to efficient and user-friendly financial services – […]
  • USAA and Persistent – Not Just Another Risk Based Authentication Service! March 2, 2017
    Today we announced a really exciting new partnership with USAA. You can read the press release here, and you can read a research note about it by Constellation Research here.  But I’d like to give you a little of the backstory. “We will likely see Persistent emerge as a new and powerful player in the […]
  • Persistent Flywheel, for Watson IoT, decorated again March 1, 2017
    IBM’s Watson IoT platform is a key enabling technology that Persistent Systems is using to create transformational solutions for various industry sectors. We started this journey in April, 2016 – less than a year back – and we’ve built about 10 systems over the past year. The learnings have been tremendous, and we encapsulated them, […]
  • Addressing the Integration Challenges in Healthcare: Q&A with Sudhir Kulkarni, President of Digital, Persistent Systems February 8, 2017
    The post below is originally published on Dell Boomi blog on February 7th, 2017 by Nick Mukhar.  Thousands of healthcare technology professionals – from patients, to practitioners to technology providers – are set to gather in Orlando, Fla., later this month for the annual HIMSS conference, the largest and one of the most important healthcare […]
  • Leading Digital Business Automation: New Forrester Report Gives us Something to Crow About! February 1, 2017
    Happy New Year! OK, OK, we come to the last day of the first month of the new year… January is over – how are your resolutions coming along? One of my resolutions is to engage more with all of you. There’s always so much to discuss that sometimes it’s hard to find the time to […]
  • Software Continues to Eat the World January 30, 2017
    Here at Persistent, we talk a lot about the software-driven world. To us it seems obvious – the role of big data analytics combined with the easy-to-use interfaces we are now familiar with from social media and gaming apps. But it’s probably worth stepping back for a moment to think about how the software-driven world […]
  • YOUser Centricity January 27, 2017
    The ‘Object Oriented’ revolution driven by the UML (Unified Modeling Language) at the start of the 21st century (so, so long ago) first positioned people at the center of the software development universe. Until then, the data-centric approach to software or Information Engineering from the last decade of the 20th century (antiquity!), required users to […]
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