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  • Multi-omics : Current trends November 22, 2017
    Multi-omics analysis allows the combined study of a variety of data like genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, lipidomics, and metabolomics, to understand their interplay in a biological system. There are two main approaches which can be used to analyze multiple omics data: integrative and sequential. In an integrative approach, multiple data types are combined into one matrix […]
  • Blaze your Trail – Insights from DF17 November 20, 2017
    You can like It, love it, hate it but you can’t ignore it- that’s Dreamforce for you. One of the largest software conferences in the world. As it goes every year, this year too was no different with 170,000 attendees at the event and complete take-over of Moscone center with every restaurant, coffee shop, bar, hotel […]
  • Message in a (Chat)bottle November 8, 2017
    In the continued march to replace all humans with machines (we are partly joking, but only partly), chatbots and virtual assistants represent a great example. They may not yet make babies, but at the very least, they are going to completely transform customer experiences. Chatbots have a major role to play in customer-focused digital transformation, […]
  • Enhancing IBM Datacap with Watson’s machine learning capabilities November 1, 2017
    IBM® Datacap’s ability to capture, recognize and classify a wide variety of unstructured document types—and more importantly, identify and extract the important information within those documents—has earned it “market leader” status in Gartner’s Enterprise Content Management (ECM) category. But can recent advances in machine learning allow IBM Datacap users to extract even more value from […]
  • If you’re over 40, get a mentor under 20… NOW! November 1, 2017
    I’m the luckiest guy around. I’m definitely over forty – in fact just last week I turned 51 – and not only do I have a mentor under 20, I have hundreds of them! More on that in a moment… A couple of months ago I wrote a post about the amazing culture at Persistent Systems.In a nutshell, it’s […]
  • The Bad Rabbit Ransomware Invasion: A Review October 31, 2017
    The post The Bad Rabbit Ransomware Invasion: A Review appeared first on Persistent.
  • Top challenges in moving to a private cloud October 31, 2017
    The post Top challenges in moving to a private cloud appeared first on Persistent.
  • Increasing Patient access and Patient Centeredness through Cognitive Search October 30, 2017
    The post Increasing Patient access and Patient Centeredness through Cognitive Search appeared first on Persistent.
  • Boosting CloudStack Reliability October 27, 2017
    The post Boosting CloudStack Reliability appeared first on Persistent.
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