Persistent teams up with the National Center for Radio Astrophysics

Persistent teams with India’s National Center for Radio Astrophysics to develop SKA

Space, the final frontier… Persistent is working with some of the world’s leading experts, here in India, at the National Center for Radio Astrophysics to develop the SKA – a large next generation radio facility conceived to be a multinational collaboration with over 3,000 antennas. According to Yashwant Gupta, Director of NCRA, “We knew this had to be built with industry in the design phase. Persistent had not just a technology expertise but understands signal and data transport system too. There is a significant contribution from India, both in science and in technology and working with partners in industry India is able to take its place at the table with other nations and contribute in technology, which is a major stride for the country.” We’re proud to be a part of this major international effort.

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