Internet of Things

In large scale deployments of thousands of smart devices, maintenance and repair is still largely a manual process. Service requests and payments are handled by administrators who manage their maintenance, monitoring and repair. The process is slow and time-consuming. Smart devices can leverage blockchain technology to automate maintenance and repair resulting in self-serviced smart devices, systems, buildings and cities.

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Smart devices can run software that interacts with the blockchain. It interacts with a service provider according to pre-negotiated contract terms and conditions. When a failure occurs within the device, an internal sensor which indicates the failure, generates a request for service transaction on the blockchain. This transaction informs the service provider about the nature of the failure, identifying the specific device. The service provider can respond to the service request in a timely manner. Upon completion, the sensor reading indicates the completion of the repair and can release payment to the service provider on the blockchain. At Persistent, we’ve built the device self-service prototype using the Ethereum platform.

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