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Purushottam Darshankar on how enterprises are embracing intelligent interfaces which help in improving overall ROI


Whitepaper: Digital Twins in Healthcare


Whitepaper – Technology Predictions for 2019 – The Six Digital Currents Steering Enterprises into the New Age


How TRAI intends to use blockchain to tackle spam

Picking The Right Bot Platform – Where To Start?

Time to embrace IIoT for Smart Manufacturing in India


Cape not required: Machine Learning alone can turn you into a superhero

From IoT to Bots to Blockchain, here are the eight great technology disruptors of 2018


Five important ways AI is upgrading Enterprise, Consumer IT

What is Blockchain technology, and what impact would it have on the world? Pandurang Kamat explains.

Here’s why AI, Internet of Things and Cloud Computing is the future


Decoding Blockchain for the Government

How Machine Learning can help with demonetisation and counterfeit currency

How customer experience can be enhanced using chatbots

How you can use Data Lakes to effectively drive your marketing campaigns

Blockchain is not the most efficient way of doing things when there is trust in the system: Dr Pandurang Kamat


Machine Learning will be the most exciting tech trend of 2018: Persistent Systems CTO

2018 will bring new technology trends that will change the way industry works


A Blockchain prescription for the Indian pharmaceutical industry

Message in a (Chat)bottle


We have adopted an all-inclusive approach to address AI in the Agriculture Market: VP, Persistent Systems

How the Biocomplexity Institute of Virginia Tech fights Ebola and Zika with high-performance analytics

5 ways in which technology is the superhero India needs

Partners HealthCare and Persistent Systems to team up on new industrywide digital platform for clinical care


Partners HealthCare and Persistent Systems to Team on New Industrywide Digital Platform for Clinical Care

AI and Enterprise: Your guide to Machine Learning and AI in the enterprise

A new global player emerges in Continuous Authentication

Persistent Systems helps Virginia Tech accelerate predictive simulation


Understanding Blockchain Consensus Models


BOTS – It’s good news for the enterprise


Facial Analysis: Face Recognition, Expression Recognition, and Gender Identification

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From IoT to Bots to Blockchain, here are the eight great technology disruptors of 2018


Understanding Blockchain Consensus Models


Robot Concierge using IBM Watson IoT


Partners HealthCare – Industrywide digital platform for clinical care


BOTS – It’s good news for the enterprise


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