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Business today are looking for on-demand cloud resources to achieve agility and save significant costs with pay-as-you-go billing. Persistent has an extensive partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and can help businesses achieve these goals leveraging the serverless capabilities of AWS Lambda. With our deep domain knowledge and hands-on experience with AWS Lambda, we can help you achieve zero administration to run code for virtually any type of application or backend service. Just upload your code and AWS Lambda takes care of everything required to run and scale your code with high availability.

Lambda Key Features

Add custom logic to AWS resources

Extend to other AWS services with custom logic

Add custom logic to AWS resources such as Amazon S3 buckets and Amazon DynamoDB tables and easily apply compute to data as it is enters or moves through the cloud.

Build custom back-end services

Build custom back-end services

Create new back-end services triggered on-demand using Lambda API or custom API endpoints and avoid client platform variations, battery drains, and complexities during updates.

Bring your own code

Bring your own code

With AWS Lambda, you can use any third-party or native libraries or package any code (frameworks, SDKs, libraries, and more) as a Lambda Layer – it allows you to manage and share them easily across multiple functions.

Automate administration end-to-end

Automate administration end-to-end

AWS Lambda manages all the infrastructure to run your code on highly available, fault-tolerant infrastructure and automates administration, maintenance, security patches, and provides a built-in logging and monitoring through Amazon CloudWatch.

Scale on-demand

Scale on-demand

Automatically scale and configure your code based on the rate and number of incoming requests and maintain high performance irrespective of the quantity of requests.

Persistent AWS Lambda Architecture Example

Persistent AWS Lambda Architecture

This Persistent AWS Lambda Architecture was built on five pillars of operational excellence – security, reliability, performance, efficiency, and cost optimization. The architecture enabled flexibility in adding new event processing requirements for an existing event or to new events without impacting the existing pipeline. The platform saves 30% of effort in onboarding and processing new events.


Benefit-Save effort in onboarding and processing

Save up to 30% effort in onboarding and processing new events and reduce overall backlog of incidents and requests by 40%

Run your code automatically

Run your code automatically without requiring provisioning or managing servers manually every time

Scale continuously

Scale continuously by running code in response to each trigger precisely with the size of the workload

Pay-per-use – With sub-second metering

Pay-per-use – With sub-second metering you can pay only for the compute time you consume when your code is triggered

consistent performance

Achieve consistent performance by optimizing your code execution time by choosing the right memory size for your function

Success Stories

US-Based ISV utilizes AWS Lambda to automate event processing

The customer needed a serverless framework for handling multiple requirements such as codec conversion and event processing for events collected from various mobile tablet, and desktop application clients to do backend mobile application and video/image processing. Persistent created a solution leveraging AWS Lambda that enabled the addition of new event processing requirements for an existing or new event without impacting the existing pipeline saving 30% of effort in onboarding and processing new events.

US-Based Life Science Product Manufacturer utilizes Lambda to scale and automate backend web application

The customer was looking to develop a backend web application using microservices based on AWS Lambda and API Gateway as a way to reduce operational complexity. Persistent offered a Lambda based solution that delivered a scalable web application platform and automated customized logic based on events of other AWS services.

US Based Healthcare Service Provider utilizes Lambda to scale web application for cloud solutions

The customer needed a centralized web application solution for making cloud accounts HIPPA compliant. Due to the integration of a vast number of functionalities handled by different teams, having the processing logic distinct and independent was very important. The Persistent team utilized AWS Lambda to provide a solution to achieve better scalability, independent code structure, and freedom of choice of application language for the web application.

Why Persistent

Unparalleled Expertise

  • A global team of AWS certified solution architects, developers, and DevOps engineers
  • Experienced in working with numerous born-in-cloud data products and services
  • 30+ years of software development and engineering experience
  • Accelerated software delivery for faster time to value
  • Balanced speed, cost, quality and risk to boost your capacity to innovate
  • Reduced time to customer feedback to deliver enhanced digital customer experience

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