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As more and more applications are developed on cloud or migrated to cloud, the centre of gravity for data is moving towards cloud. This means that the modern cloud not only provides feature rich, high performant, cost effective, pay-as-you-go option for analytics-data-stack but it is also much more cost effective as compared to traditional on-premise solutions.

Persistent has developed deep partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS), a leading public cloud service provider. We offer plethora of Cloud Analytics services to software vendors(ISVs) and Enterprises.

Our AWS Data Analytics offerings include:

Data Application Development

Develop B2C or B2B applications leveraging AWS Data Platform

Moving Data Analytics to the Cloud

Move analytics layer of your business to the AWS Data Platform consisting of AWS Kinesis, AWS S3, AWS Lambda, AWS EMR, AWS Athena and AWS Glue.

App Intelligence

Add intelligence to your business using AWS Sagemaker, Amazon Rekognition, Amazon Transcribe etc services used for image processing, conversational bots

Data Lake

Create a data lake using AWS Kinesis, AWS S3, AWS Lambda, AWS EMR, AWS Athena and AWS Glue to store, analyze, distribute and monetize all your data

Data warehouse Modernization

Modernize your BI stack using AWS Redshift

Persistent Offerings Across Various Lifecycle Stages of your Cloud Journey

Success Story

Email phishing detection and prevention

Persistent is engineering partner for Clearedin, a leading service provider for email phishing detection and prevention. Persistent leveraged AWS data analytics services like EMR, S3, CloudFront, Route53, Cognito, Lambda and Kinesis to build the entire product.

Next-gen data platform on AWS

Persistent is working with NORC – an objective non-partisan research institution, to build the next-gen data platform on AWS to store customer’s data in a secured and compliant environment. The data platform will be able to supports multiple use cases across variety of structured and unstructured data.

Case Study - Enterprise Analytics platform on Cloud

Enterprise Analytics platform on Cloud

Persistent is working with News America Marketing to design and implement Enterprise Analytics platform on cloud which extracts data from various source systems and host it in a consumable format in Amazon Redshift for various reporting needs.

Customer Quote

At Clearedin, we are helping organizations and users “Eliminate Phishing”. The intent is to build a relationship graph among individuals, services and companies enabling sharing of trusted network, to keep the bad guys out. Platform selection and execution have never been more important with the goals of achieving a fast, easy to implement and deploy as well as cost effective solution with a stable and proven service platform. We chose AWS for these reasons and partnered with Persistent systems who bring in an excellent combination of product development excellence and expertise on AWS services like – EMR, Amazon S3, Amazon CloudFront, Amazon Route53, API Gateway, Amazon Cognito, AWS Lambda, Amazon Kinesis, SES, SNS et al. It’s been an exemplary journey so far and we continue to evaluate new services AWS keeps bringing to the table.

Deepak Kumar,
CEO, Clearedin

Why Persistent as your AWS Data Analytics Partner

Reusable Assets

Based on our learnings from several AWS Data Analytics projects we have created our own AWS Design Pattern Repository. Each Design Pattern includes technical alternatives, pros and cons and experimental throughput, scalability and performance. Our Design Patterns address Event Systems, Data Replication, Real Time Analytics, Microservices using Serverless most common use cases.

Unparalleled Expertise

unparalled expertise

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