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Business Process Management and Low Code

Enterprises are always looking at newer ways to deliver digital experiences and complex workflow based applications, for customers as well as employees and transform their business both internally and externally. Business Process Management (BPM) and low code is quickly gaining attention from digital transformation leaders as one of the most effective strategies in enabling this transformation. From healthcare to financial services, from manufacturing plants to legal departments, BPM and low code has the potential to save millions of dollars in operating costs as well as helping businesses launch new products and services and transforming customer experience.

Persistent Systems is proud to partner with Appian for the last 10+ years, to design and deploy enterprise-grade processes at speed, leveraging your current investments in IT and bringing the best of breed solutions in BPM, low code, security, AI/ML, chatbots, OCR, and cloud-based data integration to your enterprise.

Intelligent Business Automation (IBA) Building Blocks, Mapping our Capability

Persistent Systems believes that the world is moving towards Intelligent Business Process Automation (IBA) from the traditional BPM world. This needs a combination of technologies such as BPM, low code, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and AI/ML.

Robotic Process Automation platforms allow enterprises to deploy software robots that can interact with your existing systems seamlessly to perform volume based, manual tasks at scale that are normally performed by humans and are too time consuming. RPA represents a pivot from people to software, from high-volume, highly transactional manual processes to the emerging digital workforce.

Intelligent Business Automation (IBA)

Key Benefits

Tech Agnostic


RPA can work across legacy ERPs and other IT platforms. It can also be deployed in a mixed setting where some steps are automated while being supported by humans.

Non Intrusive


Since it connects to your existing business interfaces, it can be integrated swiftly without any changes to your existing IT.


RPA bots can be launched in a matter of days leading to faster ROI. As business processes change, bots can be quickly reconfigured, leading to faster turn around and maximum reuse.

Myths Busted
Persistent’s Digital Green House Methodology

Persistent’s GREEN HOUSE Methodology helps enterprises design, develop and deploy powerful process automations along with actionable insights, deep learning and API orchestration, to achieve the goal of IBA.

It could so happen that we need only BPM, or only RPA or a combination of BPM, RPA and AI/ML wherein some processes need to be completed redesigned, modernized and built on BPM platforms whereas some processes could be completely automated using RPA and some processed need a combination of BPM, RPA and AI/ML.

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