Pitchbook Solution By OutSystems

Equip your Financial Advisors to deliver quick and consistent sales pitches efficiently

The Pitchbook solution from OutSystems is the smartest way to create a sales pitch for increasing conversions amongst HNI customers and investors. It improves closure rates and makes sales pitches more effective with an easy-to-use software that comes with a simple drag-and-drop interface. It is flexible and configurable with cross border business rules, segregates content by jurisdiction, and ensures consistency in the pitch between multiple Financial Advisors. Pitchbook offers a robust platform for your product, marketing, investment and compliance teams to generate dynamic, accurate and up-to-date sales presentations.

Following are a few reasons why Pitchbook is a great addition to your sales toolkit:

  • Automation of the complete process of pitch generation, with approval flows for content slides before they are open for consumption
  • Fast search using content tags and previewing of content before adding it to a pitch
  • Seamless management of content library with dynamic content templates, ready to use off-the-shelf presentations, bulk upload of 100s of content assets and much more
  • Creation and management of campaigns with analytics around content usage, pitch creation and user audits
  • Responsive and uniform design for content parity across various devices with professionally designed templates

Contact us today to build a superior and competitive sales process and increase sales closure rates.

Download the Pitchbook brochure for more details.

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