An overview of Persistent Systems’ partnership with Ping Identity

Persistent Systems, together with Ping Identity, helps organizations modernize their legacy web access management solutions by designing and implementing next-generation identity platforms. To support and accelerate these IAM (Identity and Access Management) initiatives, we have developed the UNITY solution, aimed at automating tedious migration and policy management processes. UNITY has significantly lowered the cost of modernization and slashed time to on-board by 5X for many top organizations.

Equipped with strong cross-functional capabilities in Security, Cloud, Data and Platforms within verticals like BFSI, HCLS and Industrial, we bring comprehensive identity-centric offerings that relate to privacy, compliance and security modernization.

Here is a quick list of our best and latest offerings within the security sphere.

Web Access Modernization (WAM)

Web Application Management prioritizes the movement from legacy WAM platforms to Ping via a modern and comprehensive framework. It automates the tedious migration and policy management functions, thereby empowering application teams to manage/administer app policies with minimal support from the operations team. This paves the way toward a seamless access-infrastructure migration methodology that doesn’t impact Customer Experience (CX).

Data Access: Governance & Privacy

Leveraging Ping’s directory data governance capabilities helps organizations with discovery, classification and tagging of data assets and setting up of a governance model that manages risk and meets regulations in an increasingly privacy aware business environment.

Cloud Security

Improving security posture and operational efficiency while reducing overall risk is achievable when you leverage Ping Identity’s technology stack and capabilities. The key to successfully enabling these capabilities includes strategies, assessments and roadmaps developed over decades of experience reinforcing airtight security.

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