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Lightning fast code deployment

Enterprise IT development teams are under constant pressure to deliver new applications faster and at lower costs. Even while working on a cutting-edge cloud platform like Salesforce, code deployment is a big challenge when working with large development teams. The traditional approach of development on the Salesforce platform is insufficient when meeting these challenges.

The Persistent solution – DevOps deployment automation

Mario – Java and ANT based incremental package builder (IPB) framework
Daisy – Selenium based no code automation framework

Persistent’s Mario and Daisy frameworks together accelerate the Salesforce development process by introducing Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CICD) model into existing processes.

Mario is a Jenkins based framework built using ANT scripts and Java utilities which makes sure that every commit to Git/SVN is deployed to the QA or any pre-configured org in a scheduled/real-time manner. This helps keep the Org(s) ready for further testing in a well-planned and controlled manner. It complements Salesforce DX by fully supporting scratch orgs and Git capability.

Daisy is a Selenium based no-code framework that automates all configuration/actions that are otherwise done manually and are not possible to automate using Salesforce APIs.

This ensures that your Deployment happens in minutes, and not days!

Key Features
  • Build only incremental deployments or package creation using version control commit history
  • Manage deployment revisions per org within Target org itself
  • Support validating full/range of revisions for deployment
  • Daisy scripts support both local and remote execution
  • Supports seed data load with data loader CLI, execution of SOQL/Apex snippet, profile cleanup etc. during Jenkins job execution.
  • Up to 70% reduction in time required as compared to manual deployment
  • 90% reduction in defects detected during deployment
  • Helps in early detection of deployment errors

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