UNITY – Identity Governance Modernization (Hybrid Cloud Architecture for IGA)

Persistent accelerates IGA transformation using the Unity IGA modernization framework which provides an assessment report of the legacy platform and then automates the legacy objects and relations to Saviynt using mapping and transformation rules built into the Unity framework.

Key Features

  • Assessment report of legacy governance platform (entities, relations, and workflows report)
  • Automation for identity governance modernization and migration (e.g., OIM 10g to Saviynt)
  • Simplified maintenance and operations
  • Integration with workflow and ticketing systems

Value Proposition / Differentiators

  • Accelerate migration timelines by 2x
  • Rule based migration assessment
  • Support for Multiple legacy IGA platforms

Benefits – IGA Modernization


Objects/Relations from Legacy System

  • Migration of Identity Schema (UDF’s)
  • Migration of Applications/Resources (Including connection parameters and schema)
  • Migration of Identities, Accounts and Entitlements
  • Migration of Identity challenge questions and answers
  • Migration of Roles and its membership rules (Business Roles)
  • Migration of Access Policies (IT Roles)
  • Migration of Workflows (based on complexity)

UI for Migration

  • Configuration
    • Connection paramenters to source/target systems
    • Filters (to select which objects/relations to migrate)
  • Assessment Report (for planning)
  • Migration status/dashboard
  • History
  • Need a database which can track history and store audit information

Legacy System Assessment: Get a report of the various objects and relations in the legacy system. The report also gauges the complexity of the migration based on a configurable rule set, built on deep knowledge of the legacy system. This report can help plan the overall migration.


Automation of Migration: The framework can automate the fetching of objects from the legacy system, transform, map, and load them into Saviynt. This automation can quickly get data from a legacy system into Saviynt for validation. The framework accounts for all dependencies and displays the status of the migration of each object/relationship. This accelerates the migration of data and adoption of Saviynt significantly.


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