Persistent Digital GreenhouseTM

Building the Mosaic for Enterprise Value

Businesses need innovative and customized solutions that offer intuitive and frictionless digital experiences with a seamless customer journey. But many digital initiatives fail to deliver due to the complexity of choices for new platforms and technologies, leveraging data, organizational silos, lack of executive support, stake holder buy-in and more. To help our clients with these challenges we developed the Persistent Digital Greenhouse™.

The Persistent Digital Greenhouse™ brings together a multi-disciplinary team of designers, technology architects and domain experts to explore the hidden digital opportunities within your enterprise. This human-centered and innovation-led approach to digital transformation provides a quick low-investment, low-risk engagement model that identifies key challenges and provides a solution blueprint in 4-6 weeks with immediate user validation.

Digital Mosaic for business transformation

Businesses today need a confluence of cloud-based solutions with sophisticated data analytics, high degrees of integration with new and legacy systems – the digital mosaic. Persistent Digital Greenhouse™ helps organizations craft the right digital mosaic to deliver business value fast. It empowers organizations to visualize this digital mosaic and build it exclusively for their specific enterprise with a combination of platforms, technology and integration choices. We make the mosaic relevant, economically viable and realizable.

At Persistent we combine the right technology with the right integration, using proven patterns better and faster than anyone else to unleash competitive advantage.

Design-led Innovation

With a focused and comprehensive digital strategy engagement, we kick start digital initiatives fast.


  • Stakeholder Workshops
  • Interviews
  • Focus Groups
  • Assessment of Current Mosaic


  • Brainstorming around how technology can intervene
  • Emerging/New Mosaic
  • Whiteboarding New Experience


  • Translate new solution into initial mockups
  • Designing Experiences
  • Tech Platform Evaluation


  • Experience Design
  • Stakeholder Reviews
  • Technology & Business Validation


  • Solution Blueprint
  • Stakeholder Buy-In


Journey Maps

Personas / Empathy Maps

Journey Maps

Initial Solution


Technology Solution Hypothesis

Paper Mockups

Technology Solution Hypothesis

To-be Journey Maps


Early Mockups

Future Facing Solution Architecture

Interactive Vision Mockups

Future Facing Solution Architecture

Implementation Blueprint

Implementation Blueprint


Roadmap & Project Plan


Maximizing ROI

Maximizing ROI

  • Maximizing business and user alignment delivering positive user experience.
  • Improved time to market.

Minimizing risks

Minimizing risks

  • Human-centered approach.
  • Time-bound activity with immediate user validation.
  • Adopting product development attitude.
  • Working with trusted partner with end-to-end execution capability.

Why Persistent

Product Development Solutions

Product Development DNA

Our product development mindset helps us build solutions faster and better.

End- to-End Execution

End-to-End Execution

We go beyond defining the blueprint to be part of the complete journey, building and supporting business solutions.

leverage data to build next generation solutions

Ability to leverage your data

With a legacy in developing data systems for customers backed by a robust partner ecosystem, we leverage data to build next generation solutions.

Domain expertise across HCLS, Industrial and BFSI

Domain expertise across HCLS, Industrial and BFSI

Our focus and experience across these industries help us understand business challenges to offer tailored business solutions.

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