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to accelerate your healthcare business

accelerate your healthcare business

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Physician Patient Relationship Management

Our Salesforce Fullforce certified suite of accelerators help Providers deliver seamless care coordination and an enhanced overall patient experience.
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Physician Patient Relationship Management suite of accelerators are ideal for:

physician patient relationship management

A seamless, engaging, holistic patient experience is a key differentiator in healthcare. Traditional silo based systems are incapable of supporting these objectives. The digital transformation of healthcare can help simplify, unify and streamline existing processes across the patient journey from patient admission, in-house care and post discharge management. The result is enhanced communication, care coordination and staff productivity. What really matters in healthcare today is to move beyond the existing silos and take a step further towards the creation of communities, clinically integrated networks and an overall culture of patient engagement.

The Persistent Systems and Salesforce Physician and Patient Relationship Management set of accelerators are ideally suited for all this and more. We are a leading Salesforce partner in Healthcare focused on catering to top US based healthcare providers. Our suite of accelerators deliver end-to-end seamless care–coordination and an enhanced patient experience across the patient engagement spectrum that spans across referrals to onboarding and coordination to discharge. We are a leading pioneer having helped cancer centers comprehensively transform care coordination.

We are proud to be named by Salesforce as a ‘Trusted Healthcare Leader’ during their most recent announcement of the new Salesforce Health Cloud platform. Our suite of accelerators are ready to be ported to the new Salesforce Health Cloud Platform.

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